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What would travel be without making contacts and swapping stories with other people? A major part of every trip is shaped by contact between people. Here are some tips for how to get along in other cultures; of course, you are also very welcome to share your own experiences here.

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In addition to packing my suitcase, I also had to sort a lot of other stuff before starting the trip. I had to check with the Department for Foreign Affairs, book plane tickets and get malaria vaccinations and visas. It took months of planning, organization and lots of nerves to be able to fulfil my dream. It could have all fallen through at the last minute but it did not and I will tell you why here.

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Degree, training and then what? Before carrying on with a career, family and so on, a time-out was just the right thing. To find out how this time-out came about, where the planning is going and what obstacles occurred, read on!

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God of New Beginnings

Our God is God of new beginnings. He will constantly bring things to us in a way that is different from our expectations. He has the power to replenish and the ability to make fertile that which is barren for He is the Creator and originator of all things. His word never returns empty and what He has purposed for us, He will see to completion. We need to believe in the power that God wields in our lives to see us accomplish the tasks for which He has created us. Many of us have the ability to do greater things but are stuck in acceptance of the status quo. We need to embrace new attitudes and new ways of doing things.

Several obstacles hinder our ability to move forward; firstly is our obsession with what has passed on. Some of us are stuck in the 'looking back' mode; constantly looking at where we are coming from and using this as an excuse for our present circumstances. The past remains in the past and though we may sometimes draw from it to chart our way forward, it should only be used to empower and not limit us. Cherish the moments that need cherishing but certainly move forward.

Secondly is the fear of failure which hinders many from trying out new things such as changing jobs or committing to marriage which is usually due to the fear of responsibility; the fear of getting into business ventures forgetting that these must always come with risks; or maybe just the fear of the unknown. God has not created timid human beings. We are created in His image and as such carry in our genetical make-up, His attribute of courage. We are programmed winners and only need to trust Him enough to let Him lead us into these realms.

Thirdly are our lack of sensitivity and lack of alertness to God's directions. Each one of us is fitted with a conscience and the ability to hear the small voice of reason. We have the intuition gift which enable us to make rational decisions with what might appear as gut feeling but which is really God prodding us. We have to have a certain level of faith in our undertakings. This is why spirituality is a cushion that we need, that we may believe enough to try. Let us constantly pray that God may open our eyes and ears that we may see and hear what He needs us to.

Fourthly is the need to strip off what is holding us back. Athletes do not run in suits, they do so in the lightest of dressing in order that they may move faster. We too should know how to leave behind any weight that is laboring our movement as we seek to achieve our goals. Let us also put boundaries where they are needed and be able to say 'No' when we are in a fix or when we are asked to compromise on our values. It is certainly better to flee from compromising situations and be seen as foolish rather than be laughed at as we live in regret. Wealth must go with values.

Lastly, the people we surround ourselves with will either make us, break us, delay us, quicken us, connect us or kill us. If they are pessimists, we will achieve nothing much for they will constantly pull us down. In this therefore, we need to associate with resourceful people that add some value to our lives and always trust in God to inject the DNA of winning into us.

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